May Contain Nuts
Columbia's English-style Candy Shop at The Tiger Hotel

Indulge your sweet tooth with old time favourites and our homemade inventions.

May Contain Nuts logo - chocolate - fudge - sweets

May Contain Nuts is the chocolate, fudge and candy store at The Tiger Hotel that draws in hotel guests and street passersby who then have a hard time leaving.

Grab a snack at our English inspired candy shop at the end of a long working or relaxing day, and grab gifts for your loved ones while you're at it.

A wide selection of fudge flavors, rare candies, and chocolates await you, so go ahead, you have our full permission to act like a kid in a candy store.

A wide selection of rare candies

No visit to The Tiger Hotel is complete without exploring the many classic candy offerings and latest inventions at May Contain Nuts.

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